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Update: Camp Glenorchy was officially opened March 13th 2018. Evident continues to be involved in fine-tuning of buildings, working towards Zero Energy certification.

A collection of media from the launch:

Sustainable visitor accommodation opens in Glenorchy (Channel 39)

Camp Glenorchy is a world-class demonstration of sustainability. Its design, construction and operation involves a wide range of strategies and technologies that combine to achieve high levels of performance with regard to energy, water, waste, health & comfort.

It replaces the old Glenorchy Camp Ground and General Store with a full range of accommodation, products and services for camping, holiday and everyday needs, serving both visitors and locals year-round.

The site is seeking Zero Energy certification, which means it will need to generate as much energy as it uses. This requires sophisticated energy management strategies, which Evident is enabling through the supply of a site-wide control system.

The system we've supplied will monitor and control solar PV generation, solar water heating, heating & cooling, electric vehicle charging, grey water and black water treatment, and much more. It also provides performance-related user interfaces to visitors and the general public.

We started our work with Camp Glenorchy by writing a Sustainability Communication Strategy for the project. This laid out a multi-year phased narrative to track the evolution of the project, a series of educational programs that could be delivered onsite, and technical systems that could be used to support communication and education.

We've since deployed those technical systems and look forward to helping the project team tell their story in the years to come.

Updates on our work for Camp Glenorchy