We have a vision of a world where buildings inspire, enable and celebrate change.

Download our discussion document on Exemplar Buildings (400kb)

Download our discussion document on Exemplar Buildings (400kb)

We believe this is the fastest way to create a built environment that exists in balance with the needs of the natural environment, and current and future generations.

Widespread change in any sector follows a predictable pattern. Innovation is demonstrated in a leading-edge project, is copied by early adopters, before being picked up by the wider market.

In the building sector, exemplar projects lead the way. They are key to showing the world how good a building can be and, done right, can illustrate the path forward for early adopters.

We were behind the Zero Energy House project, and are currently working on the Camp Glenorchy - a project we believe has huge potential to influence the building sector both in New Zealand and around the world.

Where next? A wide range of building types would benefit from demonstration projects - schools, offices, medium density housing, affordable housing, retirement homes to name just a few. Some of these, we're already exploring or are in discussions with project partners. But we're always keen to hear from people who are looking to deliver innovative projects - if that's you, please get in touch.

Our mission.

To make the lessons and resources from leading-edge building projects available to the world so the path towards widespread change is...Evident.

Zero Energy House

The Zero Energy House is a real-world, real-time case study in the middle of Auckland showcasing the future of housing.

We executed a public education campaign for the ZEH that, even now it is completion, attracts 15,000 visitors a year to the project website and enquiries from all over the world.

The ZEH also contains our prototype building automation system, which we use to test new approaches to control efficiency and data visualisations.

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Camp Glenorchy

Camp Glenorchy will be a world-class demonstration of sustainability, and will allow guests to experience living in low-impact, high-performing buildings.

It contains a wide range of progressive strategies and technologies that will achieve high levels of performance with regard to energy, water, waste, health & comfort.

We are providing site-wide building automation for multiple buildings and are executing a multi-year education campaigns onsite and online.

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Smart Precinct

The Smart Precinct was a project delivered for Waterfront Auckland (now Panuku Development Auckland).

Beginning with the need to report on the performance of multiple buildings, Evident proposed the idea of a Smart Precinct to Waterfront Auckland that present data to the public collected from meters, sensors, and surveys in the heart of Auckland's waterfront.

The first phase of the concept has recently been implemented as WQ Smart.

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