This month we begin the commissioning phase of what we believe is the most sustainable campground in New Zealand, possibly the world. Camp Glenorchy is nestled in the Southern Alps, 45km up the lake from Queenstown.

The project is testament to what can be achieved by a team of New Zealand’s leading professionals and tradespeople, led by visionary, focused, dedicated owners.

The project is designed to be certified as Zero Energy under the Living building challenge, and aspires to meet the requirements of the full certification program, including Zero Water, Red List compliance, health and beauty.

Evident has been involved since the beginning as part of the design team. The project leaves no stone unturned in the attention to sustainability, beauty and guest experience. Not only will it operate as one of the most efficient hospitality sites of its kind in the world, but it will be a beacon to where we should take our buildings.

Today we started commissioning the control system for the mechanical plant that supplies heat and hot water to the shared Amenities Block, and Common Building.

The 4 thermal stores, connecting pipework, valves, pumps and sensors.

Four thermal stores of 1000L each store heat collected from the ground and from the sun. The ground source heat pumps used typically operate at a COP of 3 – 4, meaning that for every unit of electricity used to power them 3 to 4 times as much thermal energy is stored in the cylinders. On good days in the winter and throughout the summer a solar thermal system collects heat from the sun’s radiation.

The control system we are commissioning manages the thermal stores, ensuring there is always enough hot water available to keep the buildings warm, and for guests to shower. By sourcing the number of guests onsite - and expected to arrive - from the property management system, we calculate hot water demand and only heat what is needed.

To all with Camp Glenorchy, the project is boldly paving a way forward, challenging us to buy into its vision and take lessons learned on the project forward into our personal and professional lives.

Follow Evident as we work over the coming months to implement our most exciting project to date.

AuthorShay Brazier