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Nestled among some of New Zealand’s most spectacular scenery, Camp Glenorchy is the most ambitious and exemplar project we at Evident have worked on. Camp Glenorchy has been designed, built and operated in line with the philosophy and principles of the Living Building Challenge (LBC), recognised as the most stringent environmental building design certification in the world. We believe this project will be recognised internationally as a beacon for what can be achieved.

The project subtly balances a comfortable, rustic aesthetic experience with state-of-the-art technology that will help reduce water and energy use to 50% of similar facilities. Evident has designed and commissioned a control and monitoring system that helps to achieve these objectives.

The system operates site wide, integrating the various systems including lighting, heating (including a stratified thermal store, heat pumps and solar water heating), ventilation, water management including potable and grey water, EV car charging, composting toilets, guest timed showers. By integrating with the guest booking software the system ensures that rooms are ready for guests when they arrive, heating in the rooms and hot water cylinder

An extensive electricity, thermal and water metering solution monitors resource use down to a sub-circuit level. By storing the data in the cloud, any of the 1600 data points can be readily accessed for visualisation on any web connected device. Data will be used for site management, fine tuning and education of the many visitors.

The buildings will provide guests with Displays in each room will help guests learn about and control their own energy and water use during their stay and see how it compares with others on site, and with previous guests who have stayed in that room.

Construction fly through from last year.

AuthorShay Brazier

This month we began the commissioning phase of Camp Glenorchy, which we believe to be the most sustainable campground in New Zealand - possibly the world. We're currently commissioning the control system for the mechanical plant that supplies heat and hot water to the shared Amenities Block and Common Building. This involves innovative approaches to managing hot water supply based on the number of people onsite and due to arrive.

AuthorShay Brazier