Matt Fordham

I'm a firm believer in the power of a coherent narrative in helping people and organisations understand complex ideas in order to make informed decisions.

The projects that inspire me most are those that push past common knowledge into new areas of design, process and technology that are still in their infancy and difficult to define let alone adopt.

We pull apart the ideas and data around these and build them into narrative-based collateral for clients. The starting point is always the outcome expected, and we present layers and paths of logic that conclude with recommendations of how that outcome can be achieved.

Shay Brazier

I'm excited by what technology can do for people, and the places we live in.

Technology incorporates a far wider range of tools and resources than we commonly consider. Processes, systems, knowledge and design are the key tools we can use to solve problems, and in turn generate value for both organisations and our personal lives.

Technology cannot simply be purchased. It must be systematically implemented and appropriately applied to solve the problem it was selected for. Intrinsic to this process is the ability to clearly communicate requirements and how we wish to apply technology as a solution.

The following people are helping steer the direction of Evident:

Dave Fullbrook
Director, eCubed

Dave is a founding Director of eCubed and, with over thirty years experience in the engineering industry, is a respected building services and sustainable design specialist.

He is one of the leading industry proponents for energy efficiency and sustainable design for commercial, institutional and public buildings in New Zealand.

Hamish Reid
GM, Project Litefoot

In 2006 Hamish co-founded Project Litefoot, a not-for-profit organisation led by top sportspeople inspiring New Zealanders to be environmental champions.

Hamish is also the founder of Bluprint Consulting, where he leads projects that provide clients with environmental and social strategies to boost economic performance. |

Simon Wilson
Director, RDT Pacific

Simon has project management experience in a range of property sectors and is committed to promoting environmentally sustainable building practices.

He is also a Director of the New Zealand Green Building Council, where he chairs the Technical Sub-Committee that reviews the GreenStar certification process.