Zero Energy House

In progress


The Zero Energy House is a real-world, real-time case study in the middle of Auckland demonstrating the future of housing in New Zealand. The house shows what can be achieved when design is informed by objectives for energy & water efficiency, thermal comfort, and material quality.

Alongside the design & build of the house, a multi-part series of video and written content recorded the methods, products and materials used. With the house now completed, more phases of content are being produced to communicate the performance of the house using data recorded by the house-wide monitoring system - including streaming of real-time feeds from that system onto the project website.

Evident and the ZEH are inextricably linked. The project began many years ago as a personal one for Shay and his partner Jo, who now live in the home, while Matt initiated and managed the communications program. Many of the lessons learned and principles underpinning the ZEH project have informed the creation of Evident. And, on top of all that, the ZEH workshop doubled as Evident's office for the first year of business.

Community-scale Zero Energy Controls System

CLIENT: Glenorchy Marketplace


The Glenorchy Marketplace will replace the old Glenorchy Camp Ground and General Store with a full range of accommodations, products and services for camping, holiday and everyday needs, serving both visitors and locals year-round.

The site is seeking Zero Energy certification, which means it will need to generate as much energy as it uses. This requires sophisticated energy management strategies, which Evident is enabling through the supply of a site-wide control system.

The system we supply will monitor and control solar PV generation, solar water heating, heating & cooling, electric vehicle charging, grey water and black water treatment, and much more. It will also provide performance-related user interfaces to visitors and the general public.

High-performing Homes

CLIENT: 2 x Zero Energy Houses


Since Evident began, we have been developing and protyping services that help people build high-perorming homes.

Over the past two years we've worked on multiple houses, helping people to:

  1. Quantify performance targets in their design briefs.
  2. Understand how their designs perform via performance modelling.
  3. Select systems such as PV and heating based on modelled energy demand and thermal performance.
  4. Manage the performance of their homes using custom-designed monitoring and control systems.

Over the second half of 2016 we will be profiling some of these projects, two of which are Zero Energy Houses.

Residential Sustainability Guidance

CLIENT: Auckland council

This work builds on the Home Build Process guidance we prepared for the Auckland Design Manual in 2014 (see below).

It includes a series of articles outlining how to incorporate and achieve sustainability outcomes in a residential project in areas such as energy, water, health & comfort, waste.

These will then be woven into the design and build process written in 2014, helping people understand which issues to consider at each stage of their project to ensure a healthy and efficient home.

It involves coordinating input from numerous people and organisations promoting better homes in Auckland.

Look for it on the Auckland Design Manual website in late 2015.


Customer site analysis

CLIENT: Callaghan Innovation

This work follows on from the Market Evaluation completed for Callaghan Innovation in 2014 (see below).

In this phase Evident has been commissioned to find and assess potential sites for HyLink, an innovative solution for the generation and storage of hydrogen fuel to supply thermal energy.

This involves analysis of the energy profiles of multiple types of customers, along with an assessment of financial scenarios - both current and potential with the use of hydrogen.

Sustainability Communication Strategy

CLIENT: Glenorchy Marketplace

The Glenorchy Marketplace is designed to be a world-class demonstration of sustainability.

Its design, construction and operation will involve a wide range of progressive strategies and technologies that combine to achieve high levels of performance with regard to energy, water, waste, health & comfort.

Evident was engaged to write a Communication Strategy for the project. This laid out a multi-year phased narrative to track the evolution of the project, a series of educational programs that could be delivered onsite, and technical systems that could be used to support communication and education.

We are now engaged to supply those technical systems and look forward to helping the project team tell their story in the years to come.

Smart Precinct


Evident proposed the idea of a Smart Precinct to Waterfront Auckland that would use a performance reporting and public engagement platform to present data collected from meters, sensors, and surveys in the heart of Auckland's waterfront.

The vision was to allow Waterfront Auckland to demonstrate and communicate the outcomes associated with high levels of sustainable design, while enabling the public to engage with the precinct as both viewers and providers of data.

Evident worked throughout 2014 to develop a technical approach and cost/benefit case for the project. This enabled Waterfront Auckland to seek partners to fund and produce the tool, which has been launched as WQ Smart and can be viewed here.


Home Build Process


The Auckland Design Manual is provided by Auckland Council to give practical advice, best practice processes and detailed design guidance to enable Aucklanders to design and build the world’s most liveable city.

The housing section of the manual empowers people to build houses that not only look good but are built to last, sustainable and give the best return on investment.

The Zero Energy House was a featured case study in the Design Manual in 2013. In 2014, Evident wrote an end-to-end house build process to guide homeowners through their projects and enable them to achieve the outcomes they aspire to.

The process can be viewed here.

Market Evaluation


Callaghan Innovation accelerates the commercialisation of innovation by firms in New Zealand.

Evident was engaged to evaluate market factors and opportunities for HyLink, an innovative solution for the generation and storage of hydrogen fuel to supply thermal energy.

This required co-ordination of input from a team of Callaghan Innovation scientists and analysts, research into incumbent energy sources and markets, and analysis to identify market opportunities for the new technology.

A wide range of market opportunities were identified and defined, including applications for the technology that had not been previously been identified by the research & development team.