Smart Building Systems designed with people in mind.


Designed for simplicity and flexibility

Our Smart Building systems provide a single, simple point of control of many of the systems in a building, and are designed to your unique requirements, meaning your building operates as automated as possible, minimising the need for you to intervene.

Our systems use Loxone Miniservers, which are installed in more than 40,000 buildings around the world. They are designed by Loxone to deliver flexibility, with built-in communication to a large and growing number of switches, sensors, meters and systems commonly found in buildings.

Systems-wide thinking

We have experience in many of the systems we control, and can give you advice during design regarding the right solar, heating, ventilation and lighting systems to provide the environment and experience you want for your building.


Designed for comfort

Our systems give simple control of comfort throughout a building, allowing you to provide temperature, humidity and light levels for each space, for different times of the day and different times of the year.

Easy-to-configure schedules operate automated control as you need it. Manual overrides are available using wall switches or free apps for smartphones, tablets and computers.

Designed for efficiency

The efficiency of buildings is core to our company mission and we design our systems with that in mind. This allows you to control heating, ventilation, lighting and shading together - and only when necessary - to minimise the energy needed to make your building comfortable.

We take a whole-building approach to energy management, giving you control of when and where solar-generated energy is used, and managing systems to use energy when it is available from solar (or, if you don't use solar, when energy prices are low), reducing your lifetime energy costs.

Your Smart Building system can also provide monitoring that alerts you to excessive energy or water use, so you can address issues before they appear on your utility bill. 

Our Smart Building systems are extremely flexible.
The features below are just a selection of what they can do.

Energy usage optimisation, Waste energy recovery


Maximise financial return of solar systems by controlling where and when generated energy is used. Manage energy storage across batteries, thermal stores and electric vehicles.



Deliver the right light levels with minimum energy through automated switching based on whether spaces are used and natural light levels available at different times of the day.

Heating system control.


Provide the right temperature in the right spaces at the right time by setting schedules of set points and controlling heating systems by zone. 

Hot water system control.

Hot water

Provide hot water at lowest possible cost by controlling your water heating to run only when it is required. Store surplus solar energy during the day as hot water that can be used at night.

Energy storage control.,   Renewable energy system control and monitoring.


Control access to different parts of your building and by different people using personalised key fobs. Answer your intercom from anywhere in the world on your phone.

EV car charging.

EV charging

Manage the charging of your electric vehicle. Improve payback of solar and your EV by charging using surplus solar energy during the day.

Security alarms.


Get notified on your phone the instant presence is detected in your building. View security cameras via your phone to see who has set it off, and remotely deactivate your alarm. 

Information to educate, and act upon.   A way to manage your building, System fault alerts., Resource use data, and insights.   Monitoring,   Building design validation


Understand how your building works, so you can adapt to it. Validate the performance of your design and systems, and receive alerts when things need attention.

Shading control,   Ventilation control.

Shading and ventilation

Keep your building cool by controlling blinds to respond to excessive heat from the sun. Automate ventilation to keep the air in your building fresh. 

Multi-room audio as part of a complete solution.

Audio visual

Provide the perfect viewing environment, by dimming lights and lowering blinds when screens are activated. Control streaming of audio to rooms throughout your building.

Flexibility, reliability.


Fine-tune your building by reconfiguring schedules or setting up new types of control as you adapt to it. As you add systems to your building, connect them wirelessly to integrate them. 

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

Receive system upgrades, new functionality, and fine-tuning of your system over time. Enable remote monitoring to get an annual report on your building's performance.

A Smart Building system can be added to your project at any time, but the earlier you consider it in your design the better the results will be.

Whether you're a client, an architect or designer, or a supplier of a system that needs control, if you have a project you'd like to discuss please get in touch.