Work alongside us on leading-edge building projects.

Graduate Controls Engineer James in the Evident office.

Graduate Controls Engineer James in the Evident office.

We’re offering paid projects to students in the second half of 2016 to give a taste of what it's like to work at Evident, and to allow students to apply and test the knowledge and skills they're developing while they study.

We expect to hire more graduates in future, and these projects are also a chance for us to to get to know each other and see if we could work together in the years ahead.

Key information about the projects:

  • We anticipate them taking around 50 hours to complete.
  • For a 50-hour project we'll pay a fixed fee of $1,000.
  • You'll need to work in the Evident office at key stages - the beginning, middle, and end of the project. The rest of the time, it's up to you - but you're welcome to work in the office alongside us for the whole project.
  • Projects will be staggered over the second half of 2016, so while some might start in June or July others won't until much later in the year.

The exact projects we offer will depend on our needs at the time, and the interests and skills of the students who register. We'll also spend time at the start of projects working with students to define the scope. But, for now, the following give a flavour of the types of projects that might be on offer.

Take a look, and register your interest using the button at the bottom of the page.


Develop logic to control loads in a home based on variable electricity prices

Some energy loads in a building can be controlled to run at specific times with minimal impact on the people using the building. For example, water heating or electric vehicle charging.

This project develops logic based on hourly electricity prices sourced from the internet. It would suit someone with knowledge of how electricity and energy are used in a building, and skills in developing control logic.

Design and build a gateway program to retrieve data from a building automation system

Performance data from buildings is often difficult for building users to find, let alone understand. This makes it difficult for building users to know the impact they're having on performance.

This project delivers a driver that would interface LINUX to an existing building automation protocol, and a simple configuration GUI. The aim is to provide that data to a gateway app. The project would suit people with skills in software development.

Design a solution for automated pathway lighting

Automated lighting can reduce the energy use of a building or site and be used to educate people on energy use.

This project designs a solution to automated lighting for an outdoor pathway used frequently by groups of people. It involves researching market-available sensors and developing logic to automate existing lighting. It would suit people with knowledge of sensors and automation logic.

Build a smartphone web app to display real-time building performance

We're currently working with cloud-based data services to retrieve, aggregate and analyse the performance of high-performing buildings in real-time. We believe getting this data in the hands of the people that use and look after buildings will result in even better performance.

This project will result in a working smartphone web app that displays data feeds and charts from our cloud data store. It'd suit someone with knowledge of web app development and APIs to data stores. Graphical design would be a bonus.


Design a performance dashboard for the Zero Energy House project

The Zero Energy House is a demonstration project showing the future of New Zealand housing. There are dozens of data feeds reporting thermal, energy, and water performance in real-time.

This project involves designing an online, public performance dashboard for the project. It would suit someone with knowledge of information design (with a data focus) and user experience design. Familiarity with an online visualisation tool would be a bonus.

Write an article on the benefit of combining electric vehicles with solar

Combining electric vehicles (EVs) and solar can improve the financial value of both - solar supplies cheaper energy to charge EVs, and EVs can be used as batteries to store solar power.

This project would deliver a final article able to be published online (with student as author) and would suit someone with solid writing skills who is comfortable researching a subject they're unfamiliar with (you'll be guided by Evident staff).

Create a brochure featuring case studies of performance management systems

Evident supplies systems that manage the sustainability outcomes of buildings, including comfort, energy and water use. Such systems are key to achieving high performance in a building, but are sometimes viewed as complex.

This project creates a brochure illustrating key sustainability features of these systems and outcomes for a handful of buildings. It would suit someone interested in information design, copywriting, and graphic design.

Develop a social media strategy and prototypes

We're launching a new website in late 2016 focused on sustainability outcomes in buildings that will benefit from a strong online community.

This project is an opportunity to craft a social media strategy for an innovative new brand focused on sustainability and prototype social media tools to test elements of the strategy. It would suit someone who can think strategically about audiences and outcomes, has strong principles regarding integrity of communication, and understands social media tools.

We want to work with people who are motivated to do good and improve their communities and cities. And as a small business, we're looking for people who are flexible, self-driven, and enjoy what they do. If that sounds like you, click the button below to complete a form to register your interest.