Zero Energy House

In progress


The Zero Energy House is a real-world, real-time case study in the middle of Auckland demonstrating the future of housing in New Zealand. The house shows what can be achieved when design is informed by objectives for energy & water efficiency, thermal comfort, and material quality.

Alongside the design & build of the house, a multi-part series of video and written content recorded the methods, products and materials used. With the house now completed, more phases of content are being produced to communicate the performance of the house using data recorded by the house-wide monitoring system - including streaming of real-time feeds from that system onto the project website.

Evident and the ZEH are inextricably linked. The project began many years ago as a personal one for Shay and his partner Jo, who now live in the home, while Matt initiated and managed the communications program. Many of the lessons learned and principles underpinning the ZEH project have informed the creation of Evident. And, on top of all that, the ZEH workshop doubled as Evident's office for the first year of business.